VoiceStory social events are about is putting away the cell phones, disconnecting from the hustle and taking a moment to be with yourself and others.

The VoiceStory crew will start the night by introducing you to the art of conversation, teaching you key concepts and providing you to some tools. Next we will invite you to participate in our safe, friendly, empowered space where you can practice with others that want to connect as well.

If you read this far and have thoughts and feelings of being disconnected, uncertain of what to say, what to talk about, not wanting to go alone, “this is just another networking event…” or a multitude of other reasons… please understand that we have kept all of this in mind in the creation of these social events for you.

Elvina Leung Yager

I feel so blessed that my friend Tien told me about My Story Mondays and encouraged me to come out last night. Winston, you were an amazing MC/host; you did a fabulous job creating the sense of connection between speakers while telling your own story amongst all that. It was such an inspiring evening listening to the speakers on stage telling their stories. They are so different and unique; yet they share the common qualities in how they connect people with one another. As I walked back to my car… I looked at the faces of the people on the street. You have given me the realization that everyone has a story to tell. No two stories are ever the same.. After last night, I feel more inspired, more connected, and more humbled. Thank you.

Karen Magill

Speaking at MyStory Mondays is a great experience. Not only did I get to tell my story but I got to listen to others tell theirs. When you hear what so many people go through, you are reminded how strong the human being is. And Winston is an excellent host. I have gone to a few My Story Mondays and I walk away each time feeling inspired and in touch with people. Though our world is getting smaller, we don’t seem to connect anymore. Go to a My Story Monday and see how connected you feel!

Jill Prescott

I spoke on this stage just a couple weeks ago. It was the second time I’ve participated in an event like this hosted by Winston, and I was honoured to do so both times. Winston holds such a lovely and safe space to share. All the speakers were very inspiring. Today, I received the link to our talks, available to be viewed on YouTube and I must say, I’m impressed! The quality of the recording is great and I’m really looking forward to sharing it far and wide. Thank you Winston!

Danny Behm

I enjoyed the entire event from beginning to end. The speakers were inspired and each speech impacted me differently. Winston is a charming and funny host who makes his guests feel perfectly welcome. Thanks for a wonderful evening!
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