In this 2 day event we will examine your corporate story (if you even have one) and what it means to you. Then together we do the work, find what is missing or out of alignment and as a result you become aware as to what the story is NOT saying about you.

Next we start digging for those missing pieces, adjust the wording and structure, then begin the process of weaving all of these elements together and aligning the story to who you are. So the next time you share your story, not only do you believe it & feel it, but the listener will too.

Below is a breakdown of the two day process we go through to discover your the power of your story!

Two Day Intensives Designed for Growth

Day 1: Have you taken the time to craft your story?


Module 1: Examine the stories your corporation and/or employees are sharing.

→ Where are these stories born from?
    → What are these stories saying about you?
    → What are these stories NOT saying about you?
    → Are these the stories serving you?

Module 2: Explore if these stories align with your purpose, vision and values

→ What is your purpose?
→ Do you have a vision?
→ Does your team have a team vision?
→ Does everyone in your team have an understanding of the core values?

Module 3: Explore if these stories are the ones you want to tell

→ Interactive exercise and get feedback as to how your stories are being received
→ Discuss the current structure of your stories
→ Start to deconstruct the stories in preparation for Day 2

Day 2: Taking the time to craft new stories!

Module 4: Discuss the deconstruction of your stories

→ What came up for you during this process?
→ What pieces of your stories serve you?
→ What pieces of your stories DO NOT serve you?

Module 5: Mining for the missing pieces of the story?

→ How to put more of you into your corporate story
→ How do you want the story to feel by combining information and emotion
→ How do YOU want to feel after sharing the story?

Module 6: Weaving all of the elements together

→ Finding the words that you “feel” when you share the story
→ Aligning the story to your purpose, vision & values
→ Adjusting the structure of the story
→ Simplifying and/or condensing the story

Module 7: Explore how the story is going to be shared and used

→ Is the story going to be shared via print?
→ Is the story going to be shared via video?
→ Is the story going to be shared live on stage?

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