VoiceStory Live is back!!!

VoiceStory Live is back and our new home is the Evergreen Cultural Center – 1205 Pinetree Way, Coquitlam, BC

The Evergreen is an amazing venue in the heart of Coquitlam, steps away from the Lafarge Lake-Douglas SkyTrain station and has ample on site free parking.

We are excited to see you there!

Speakers for the october 30 Show

Happening Now

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The VoiceStory Live stage was created for YOU!

We are looking for members from our community to share their stories!

Our VoiceStory Guides have worked with many people just like you, to craft their stories and prepare them to share it on the VoiceStory Live stage, our VoiceStory onboarding process consists of the following steps:

The first step begins with our online application, after answering a few questions, you will be asked to submit a 3 minute summary video recording of your story.

Second, one of our Story Guides will review your submission and video for approval.  If your story is approved for the next stage, you’ll receive a calendar invite from a member of the VoiceStory team.

During your scheduled call we will guide you through our discovery process, helping you find elements of your story that you have discarded or long forgotten, and then we take these pieces and weave them into your story.

Next the VoiceStory Guide will guide you through our speaking process, which prepares you to speak with authenticity, confidence and clarity on the VoiceStory Live stage.

After experiencing your empowering moment speaking on the VoiceStory Live stage, you have an opportunity to acquire a professionally crafted digital media package of your live performance.

Our goal is to support you in unleashing the impact of your story.

Speaking opportunities are limited to six per show, click here to send us your application now!

Event Calendar

October 30 – Mental

Mental health, mental illness, mental wellbeing… however you choose to label it, let’s talk about it.



November 22 – First Responder

Never failing to answer the call.



December 18 – Love

The good, the bad and the ugly.



Past Events

May 18 – Rewards of Perseverance

Remember that moment when you just stopped whatever you were doing, as your body & mind were exhausted, your spirit drained... and then wondered “why do I bother?”

Whispered to yourself “enough is enough…”

You could have thrown in the towel and given up.

But you didn’t.

The last breath, the last step, the last phone call – then there was success!


June 22 – Alone

Wired for connection.


July 29 – Unknown

Facing the fear.


August 27 – Addiction

Chasing after a feeling.


September 22 – Old

What's the plan?


Conversation & Connection sessions

VoiceStory is hosting their popular “Conversations & Connection Sessions” social events at the Coquitlam Library – City Center branch at 1169 Pinetree Way, Coquitlam, BC

The VoiceStory social events are about putting away cell phones and taking a moment to be with yourself and other community members, then having time to practice how to have a conversation.

There are only 24 spots available at each social event, so do not wait and register your spot now!

Conversation and Connection Sessions

Are you new to the community and want to meet people?
Looking for a safe space to practice speaking?
Tired of having video calls to connect with other people?

Then this is where you want to be!

If you have thoughts and feelings of being disconnected, uncertain of what to say, what to talk about, not wanting to go alone, “this is just another networking event…” or a multitude of other reasons… please understand that we have kept all of this in mind in the creation of these social events for you.

We start each event by introducing a few key concepts on the Art of Conversation and how to become a more effective communicator.

Next we invite you to participate in our safe, friendly, empowered space, where we will facilitate rounds of 1-on-1 conversation by providing a topic/question for each round of conversation.

We take care of pairing everyone up with someone new every round, so you have ample opportunity to meet new people from your community and practice the Art of Conversation.

There are only 24 spots available at each social event, so do not wait and register your spot now!

Conversation & Connection Sessions are held at the Coquitlam Library – City Center location. Dates, times and key concept topics are listed below.

October 2 - Monday

6:30 PM to 8:00 PM

Three qualities that will improve your
listening skills. 

november 30 - Thursday

6:30 PM to 8:00 PM

How to craft meaningful conversations – in five minutes or less.

october 19 - Thursday

6:30 PM to 8:00 PM

Three skills that will help you become an effective communicator.

december 4 - monday

6:30 PM to 8:00 PM

Build deeper connections by changing your language in three simple steps.

november 13 - monday

6:30 PM to 8:00 PM

Three ways to avoid sabotaging your communication skills.

december 21 - thursday

6:30 PM to 8:00 PM

Increase your capacity to hold space for other people – with one skill.

VoiceStory Alumni

The VoiceStory Team

Winston Yeung

I have meaningful conversations.

In my past I chased after fame, money and status believing that these things would make me “somebody” in this world. I reached for the stars, sat among them and eventually fell from grace.

I was a prisoner to the dysfunctional stories I created, lost in the land of illusion of my own design. It took many years but I eventually walked out of my prison and am now living a life with purpose aligned with spirit, body and mind. The lessons and tests I experienced along my journey are where my insight, empathy, compassion and understanding are forged.

I see past the stories that people naturally share and guide them to where the real story is, that part of themselves they need to reveal but are not sure of the way.

I founded VoiceStory, a non-profit organization that is creating social connection, facilitating personal healing and promoting community building. This is done through the speaking platform – VoiceStory Live, educational workshops, mastermind, mentorship and coaching to develop an individual’s ability to embrace and share their unique stories with the intention to impact another.

Reach out to me if you want to have a meaningful conversation.


Mat Boyer

Being in Management and Engagement for over 20 years I’ve seen a lot of trends.

Often having what some feel are difficult conversations, because I’ve invested my energy and time and nurtured those relationships, those conversations become just that- conversations. The ability to hear people where they are at and use “relatability” is a power that I have. It has also come in very powerfully when “rallying” teams or accomplishing challenging goals. As people can truly move mountains, when they want to.


Nadeem Ahmad

Going from circumstantial to substantial, my personal development journey is something from a big screen production script. Growing up in a middle class immigrant family my transition from the ‘good kid’ to ‘scapegoat’ happened all too quickly.

At the age of 18 several revelations unfolded in my family dynamic, shattering my understanding of trust, family, love & relationships. The aftermath of these events was a radical downward spiral into drugs, demons & rabbit holes – a dysfunctional mindset that constantly forced me to back into a dark place.

With the help of mentors & friends, I was empowered with the understanding of awareness; I was educated on how to leverage me, against me to make myself a better person.

How I bounced back from the mental, spiritual & emotional deficits is the foundation behind my unique style towards constructing a strong, solid mindset. My point blank approach to developing mindsets is as ruthless as it is compassionate.


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