One night every month, members of our community take to the stage and share a moment of their lives with us. Stories of facing their fears, overcoming adversity, accomplishing achievements and experiencing great adventures.

People empowering people through storytelling with the intention of creating connection & community. So we invite you to put away your cell phone, disconnect from the hustle and take a moment to be with yourself & others.

Come join us for an evening and experience connection on a new level!

Our Speakers from November 2019 – Theme: Vulnerability

TJ Dawe

TJ started doing monologues on stage in his early 20s, telling about his experiences with shitty jobs and unrequited love. “I was successful, but before long my ego robbed me of the joy of all of it. So I kept digging deeper. Until I found my real pain.” He then discovered that revealing it on stage brought redemption and connection.

Join us on November 27 and TJ shares his experience that “It’s easy to believe that if people saw our messy, anxious underbelly, they’d never love us. However, the opposite is true and exposing our vulnerability brings us closer to each other.”

Jan Keck

After moving to Canada Jan’s life was on auto-pilot until he attended a weekend retreat that blew his heart and mind open. “For the first time I was surrounded by people that completely accepted me for who I truly am!” He felt an intense feeling of belonging, but also realized that he felt more disconnected and lonely than before.

On November 27 Jan shares his journey with us and his realization that “Feeling lonely isn’t a bad thing. It’s just a message from your body telling you that you crave connection. Like when you are hungry your body tells you to eat.” And from this he found out the shortcut to deep connections is vulnerability.

Caitey Gilchrist

After being harassed as a child for being sensitive, Caitey embarked on a journey to redefine her relationship with vulnerability. By experimenting with ‘vulnerable fun’, she discovered that vulnerability is a powerful tool for unlocking deeper fulfillment in life.

Join us on November 27 as Caitey shares her discovery that vulnerability is the key to real fun and fulfillment in life, which then reopens possibilities that we have inadvertently closed off while “growing up”.

Birnie McIntosh

Failed relationships have caused Birnie to question his self worth and ability to love or be loved again. “I find myself alone with my thoughts and my life, which has created a fear within me. I’m looking to push through my struggles by living life, which in turn will create opportunities for someone to join me on my journey.”

On November 27 come experience his story, as Birnie shares with us that in order to move on in life, one needs to be vulnerable. “It starts with owning my story and then sharing it will empower me. It is then possible for healing to begin and hope will follow.”

David Fisher

In five seconds David made a decision to travel across the country to visit his Grandparents. “I had never been that close to my grandpa, and yet there was this nudge that told me to go.” That decision revealed to him that sometimes we need to listen to the whisper of our heart, even if our brain says says no.

On November 27 David shares his revelation that making a decision, in spite of your fear or uncertainty, can mean something special. That vulnerability is a reward, if we listen to our hearts and not overthink it.

Kirsten Anderson

A series of recent unfortunate events unravelled Kirsten’s confidence and hammered her usual optimism. Moving from “I’m not good enough” to “I am worthy no matter what is happening on the outside” is an ongoing effort of playful action and connection.

Come join us on November 27 as Kirsten shares her experience of taking major life leaps big enough to terrify a diehard roller coaster fan. She thought she had a healthy relationship with vulnerability, yet sharing failures professionally has been too high a risk to her credibility. Now she has finally found the courage to overcome this wall!

Our Speakers from October 2019 – Theme: Mental Health in the Workplace and the Impact on Self

Daniel Wang

The traumas and pain prevented Daniel from being able to be himself in the workplace, which had an effect of creating even more traumas and dis-ease of mind and body that debilitated Daniel. Social phobia, depression, and bulimia devastated his sense of self. But, it all led to Daniel exploring what really is true, healing, and beautifying for his life.

On October 27 Daniel shares his realization that “it’s painful to believe only what my mind tells me because most of it is made up. It’s painful because it’s my fears, traumas, and anxieties that are the loudest in my mind.” And that when you are not present, then you are likely identifying with the narratives in your mind which are not real. Freedom means being present and not believing the falsehoods.

Geoff Ayi-Bonte

On October 27 Geoff will share with us his insight and speak about the importance of returning “care” to health care for professionals and non-professionals, as it directly and positively impacts patient care. So one can do so with humility, vulnerability, honesty and genuine ability to care without carrying other people’s stuff.

Michelle Brezinski

In late 2006 Michelle experienced a horrific work-related death but was sure she had handled it well. Until early 2008 when she started to experience consuming thoughts of impending doom. Thoughts that she had never had in her life, thoughts that generated such an agony that she wanted to leave her body and escape the pain.

We invite you to join us on October 27, as Michelle and Winston will have a VoiceStory Jam Session about surviving PTSD, the pain of recovery and the understanding of self compassion.

Patsy Bernstein

Patsy was sexually abused as a teenager and for many years following. She lived in fear for 30 years until eventually revealing her story. Once revealed she started abusing alcohol and finally landed in a detox centre, then after 4 months of sobriety she lost my mind and landed in the psychiatric hospital and was diagnosed with severe bipolar disorder.

On October 27 Patsy shares her journey from the feelings of shame and loneliness because of the abuse, to the subsequent mental illness where she felt so lonely and then to the final release, when she allowed herself to feel the feelings that she had been hanging onto for so long.

Shenan Charania

As Shenan grew up and explored life, he got caught up in misunderstandings of how the Mind worked. As a result of these misunderstandings, he found himself confused, depressed, and full of trapped emotions which he didn’t know the source of. As he started to see the source of them, the potential for Mental Health showed up.

On October 27 come experience his story as Shenan shares his realization that every single person has the full capacity to their Mental Health.

Our Speakers from September 2019 – Theme: #tellthetruth

Ben Baker

Ten years ago, when Ben’s company was fairly young, he was introduced to the head purchaser for the City of Calgary Police Department. He embraced the oppourtunity, but looking back to how it unfolded made him reflect upon himself. “How could I realize then that what could have been one of my worst epic failures, could turn into a relationship of trust.”

Join us on September 16 as Ben shares his experience that relationship building demands long-term thinking and we tell the truth always. “The truth may not always be convenient, and sometimes it hurts. However, it is far better than the alternative.”

Jill Prescott

When Jill was in her teens, she refused to admit she was sexually active when taken to the hospital with severe abdominal pain. “Rather than make it safe enough for me to tell the truth, they removed my appendix. The long term results of this decision were devastating.”

On September 16 Jill shares her experience that it is so important that young people are given the support and love that is required to feel safe enough to speak up. “Without this, many suffer in silence. Today I understand that Truth Telling is access to freedom and as adults, we are perfectly capable of stopping the harm both for ourselves and others.”

Vanessa Wideski

For Vanessa all of her life she had this insatiable curiosity to discover the “Truth”. She yearned to understand who she was and why she was here. This relentless desire to understand her purpose in life took Vanessa down some dark paths. Labelled as a misfit, trouble maker and a problem child, she never felt like she fit in or belonged.

On September 16 Vanessa shares her journey as she discovered “The more at home I am with myself, the more at ease with the world I become. Owning my story is the first step, sharing my story helps others and changing my story is how I evolve.”

Tien Neo Eamas

“What would your life be like if you lived from YOU as Light, as SOUL, as Source? As opposed to living life, thinking you are a gender, and most of your choices are constrained by that perspective?”

Join us on September 16th as Tien and Winston will have a VoiceStory Jam Session about the topic of truth, transcending gender and connection. It will be a fun, honest and introspective chat!

Daniel Fung

Daniel grew up in a typical Asian family with many strict rules and his Dad ruled his life as “he knew best!”… but did he?

When Daniel dropped out of University it became the best decision at that time, but he had to face his Dad and explain his decision.

When Daniel went against “the rules” and dated a non-Asian, he almost became disowned by family.

When Daniel…

On September 16th come experience his story as Daniel shares his journey as to how he finally realized that he needed to “start living your dreams, you have to create enough courage and do certain things that are uncomfortable and scary. In almost all instances the expectations you have are not real!”

Johnathan Jagt

I met Johnathan this summer at the Powell Street Festival and when speaking with him, there was a sense of familiarity that I could not shake.

It was during our conversation when he said “What we share in common is the experience of pain in life.”

This is something I understood and as I listened to his story, I was given a glimpse into a world that many of us choose to ignore.

So I invite you to join us on September 16th as I will have a VoiceStory Jam Session with Johnathan about life before, during and after addiction, and recovery in Vancouvers Downtown Eastside.

– Winston

Our Speakers from August 2019 – Theme: Grief

Stephanie Kennedy

Stephanie experienced a second trimester miscarriage and a fertility journey that continues, it was discovering the role that Grief has played in the discovery and shaping of the new version of herself.

On August 5 come experience her journey as Stephanie shares the idea that there is a “death” of self in grief. That from one day to the next, you can be forever changed. “Grief is the reconciliation of what was to what is and that if that reconciliation is where the true gifts of life are found.”

Carmen Smith

Grief and loss have played a pivotal part in Carmen’s personal journey back to herself.

In 2009 after finding out she was a carrier of the BRCA1 gene mutation and putting her at a much higher than normal risk of developing both breast and ovarian cancers. Carmen was faced with making some very difficult decisions.

On August 5 Carmen shares with us the parallel of facing her own personal obstacles and adversity alongside her dear friend Marianne’s battle with Stage 3 breast cancer and the life altering way Grief has changed her life. “I am grateful to have found the courage to lean into grief and loss in order to embrace all that is possible and beautiful lessons learned on this incredible journey called life.”

David Fisher

David loved his Dad a lot, and then one day, his Dad went to sleep and never woke up. David was five. David never got to say goodbye. Suddenly, the sledding, the exercising together, the paper airplanes were gone. Over 30 years later he gets his chance to say goodbye.

Join us on August 5 as David shares his journey with us and how his interaction with Grief made him realize that this is still an ongoing experience. “I think I see clearly now that Dad doesn’t want his absence to define me anymore. The memory remains but the rope that tied me to that event is cut, and he is proud of me. He wants me to move forward. The time I did have with him made an impact.”

Robyne Shea

Robyne’s coach and dear friend of 30 years passed of cancer while she was 1000 of miles away in another country. In the same week another family member also passed. As a result Robyne learned to look at death and grief as a selfish feeling and from there, learn to live in a place of love.

Join us on August 5 as Robyne shares with us her experience “To appreciate what you have and learn to live in the lessons they taught you, instead of suffering in their memory”

Keri-Anne Livingstone

Keri-Anne experienced a moment when Life (and Death) led her into a most unexpected exploration that revealed the truth (and gifts) of expressing our most difficult emotions.

On August 5 Keri-Anne shares with us how she received a pivotal perspective, practice, and understanding in how to see our most difficult emotions as powerful opportunities to learn, grow and heal on the deepest level.

Ladda Boonmee

Ladda experienced hardship, loss and grief at an early age with the loss of her parents. Her brother took responsibility of the family, however, she always had fights with her brother. One day he had a heart attack and it was a wake up call. Ladda realized she needed to learn about forgiveness in order to have more precious time with him. “We had a great time together because of forgiveness.”

On August 5 Ladda shares her experience with us and learning that forgiveness is one of the most important and essential solutions for any problem in our lives.

Our Speakers from July 2019 – Theme: Shame

Keith Tong

Growing up Keith encountered circumstances he did not understand and yet had to find a way to navigate through. This led him down a path to becoming a drug-addict and homeless living in the Downtown Eastside, for allowing people to bully him and for allowing someone he trusted to sexually abuse him. Suppressing so much trauma had that happened in his life manifested into shame which he had to eventually face.

On July 7 Keith shares his journey and facing his past and the shame that grew from it. “By learning forgiveness, compassion, and love am I now able to truly move forward in my life without any hesitation, sabotages, or regrets. All my past events is shaping who I am and who I am becoming.”

Deanna Flinn

Deanna experienced shame as a result of not being connected to her family, not fitting what is considered to be a societal norm and for always being unconventional with her life. “I believe we all experience shame, sometimes daily and I feel that it is time for all of us to let it go.”

On July 7 Deanna shares her experience that Shame is sometimes passed on to us from those who raised us, however, if you can figure out how to overcome it and feel comfortable being vulnerable instead, life gets a whole lot easier and you will find your dreams again.

Lise Lavigne

Lise ran away from home because it was an abusive environment. She married her boyfriend at 18 years old and believed she had found true love. Much to her chagrin she felt stuck for the next 7 years as she didn’t realize how controlling and abusive her husband.

Join us on July 7, as Lise shares that when we don’t heal wounds from our past, it affects the decisions we make in life. The results of these decisions can bring a lot of shame upon us which we keep secret until the pain is too much to bare. Sharing our pain with someone is the first step of healing.

Paul MacDonald

Paul created a life where he was a character in a story and he lied his entire life to protect the persona he created. He started using drugs and alcohol when he turned 12 and ended up in jail for stealing, well the shame he experienced from these moments of his youth held him back for most of his life!

On July 7 Paul shares the moment when he found his reason for being here on the earth and then realized that shame was controlling his life. ”To help others I needed to step outside of my comfort zone and be honest with the world about who I was. For me to truly be the person I wanted to be, I needed to face that shame.”

Karin Wilson

Fifty years after her first shame-filled hospital visit at the age of seven, Karin ended up at a doctor’s clinic diagnosed with a unexpected condition, which forced her to share this situation she was in – “I had to tell with my ex-husband, my partner, my children, my parents, and ultimately my spiritual community.”

On July 7, come experience her story as Karin shares how Shame has shaped her life. “From that first hospital visit, my writing and speaking consistently works to reveal our societal underbelly. Yet really what I have been doing has been to come to peace with my sexuality, my mental health, and ultimately my spiritual expression. I continue to rise like a phoenix, hopeful of being a butterfly.”

Jaitara Jayde

As a young teen, Jaitara was sexually exploited and manipulated. She carried this as a secret shame for 27 years. Then one day she had a powerful awakening in the form of a breakdown that quickly transcended into her breakthrough. This awakening moment inspired her to help others liberate themselves from past wounding, and live more joyfully in the present

Join us on July 7 as Jaitara shares her experience that we carry the most wounding and shame around sex and money. That abuse victims tend to blame themselves for their experience, often resulting in years of debilitating shame, however, if we remember our truth as creators and how to transform pain to wisdom and freedom, we then reclaim our power to create this dream called life as our soul desires.

Our Speakers from June 2019 – Theme: Vulnerability

Sue Dumais

There was a time when Sue was down to 92 pounds and still felt fat. “It was like looking at myself in a funhouse mirror when the image was all distorted. I was dying inside yet at the same time I was dying to feel alive.” Only after writing a poem did she realized that she needed help.

On June 10 Sue shares her insight that anorexia is not about food and was more about weighing her own self-worth, believing that she wasn’t enough. When she became aware that “the shift had to start in my own mind”, did she start her path of self discovery & healing and uncovering a gift that she uses now to help others heal trauma, to love themselves and live their full potential.

Jessica Coulthard

Jessica is a self proclaimed Introvert. She spent most of her life not realizing that she had chosen to self seclude and avoid genuine connections with people, all people; her family, her friends and even the men she had relationships with. Then about 10 years ago she had an “A-HA!” moment that changed everything for the better!

Join us on June 10, as Jessica shares that moment with us and explains how it helped her to realize that she had done all of this to herself, and only she could undo this herself. So she made the conscious decision to allow herself to be Vulnerable and “I started allowing people to actually get to know me and by doing this, it also would force me to get to know myself as well.”

Jill Prescott

Jill & Chris are a spiritual power couple and they return to the VoiceStory stage.

On June 10 come experience their story of how a moment of crisis in their relationship allowed them to see past the threshold of grasping, to the freedom of letting go and allowing themselves to be genuine without the fear of what might happen to the relationship.

They share their experience that “The freedom to feel the vulnerability of the relationship made our relationship cleaner and clearer” and how the fear of losing someone keeps you from loving genuinely and also keeps us from being our authentic selves.

Chris Dube

Jill & Chris are a spiritual power couple and they return to the VoiceStory stage.

On June 10 come experience their story of how a moment of crisis in their relationship allowed them to see past the threshold of grasping, to the freedom of letting go and allowing themselves to be genuine without the fear of what might happen to the relationship.

They share their experience that “The freedom to feel the vulnerability of the relationship made our relationship cleaner and clearer” and how the fear of losing someone keeps you from loving genuinely and also keeps us from being our authentic selves.

Robert O’Brien

Growing up Robert had a love of cars and a special relationship with his Dad’s race car. It was hard enough trying to figure out his place in the world as he transitioned from a youth to an adult, but it was his first experience with that car, what happened on that first solo drive that made him aware of so much more.

On June 10 Robert shares the story of that first drive, the understanding that we can learn about vulnerability in many ways and that there is nothing wrong with us, as we are all perfect the way we are.

Anita Anand

One year ago I never heard of Brené Brown, but I thought I knew what vulnerability was all about, then I met Anita Anand and realized my understanding of the subject of vulnerability was very rough indeed.

Join us on June 10 as Anita shares with us what vulnerability is all about, from the viewpoint of the work Brené Brown does, the impact Brené’s work has on the people who have experienced a workshop and from the own point of view as someone who has immersed themselves into the subject.

It will be a conversation that could end up recalibrating what you already know and filling in the blanks of what you don’t.

Mark DeSanti

With many ups and downs in his leadership journey, Mark knew there were some great moments. At times though it still felt hard to identify them. It wasn’t until something out side of the work place helped him identify the magic ingredient in relationships – all which he would find directly carried over to the leader’s journey.

Come experience his story as on June 10 Mark shares that it doesn’t take a hard exterior, strong appearance or loud voice to gain respect and build relationships with employees (or others). It turns out one of the best tools is something that will catch up to you even if you try to avoid it. But by embracing it, you will be empowered.

Bonnie Nicole

 “Vulnerability is something we come in this world as. We rely on those around us, but sometimes those we rely on take advantage of us.” For Bonnie it is with sheer dedication that has brought her back around full circle in being vulnerable once again, to shed the light on trauma and how to stand on ones story.

On June 10 Bonnie shares that vulnerability does not make us weak, but instead makes us strong and unstoppable. When we ditch the shame and own our past and mistakes, we can only go one way! Forward. Vulnerability is the key to being true to yourself and those you inspire around you.

Our Speakers from May 2019 – Theme: Curiosity

Alison Donaghey

After Alison spoke at My Story Mondays someone reached out to her and shared his story on her radio show. At some point during the conversation she realized that she had bought into beliefs about men and women. “I had not been holding men in high regard because of the beliefs I adopted without my permission. I got mad and then curious.”

Join us on May 13 as Alison will open the conversation that when we get curious we get to fully explore our beliefs, where they come from and if they are even ours or done with our permission.

Tien Neo Eamas

“Opening the realm of Wonder and Magick… that our experience of life dramatically shifts, and new realms open because of consciously choosing to approach any situation from a place of curiosity!”

Join us on May 13 as Tien shares with us various points in his life where he chose curiosity as a way to look at his circumstances. He describes what becomes available, what opens up as a result of choosing to come from that place, rather than from a place of fear, cautiousness, past opinions and judgement.

Vanessa Luu

Through generational conditioning, Vanessa’s understanding for what a woman represented was flawed and by acting out the opposite of that representation, she became exactly what she feared. Silence and suffering was her existence until she experienced how it manifested in her reality. This is her claim to the strength in her femininity.

On May 13 Vanessa shares her realization that accountability begins with yourself, if you are accountable for your voice being heard, you can in turn hold others accountable for their voice. That the power of femininity is about claiming the truth of who we are as humans, and it’s about standing for something, not against something.

Daniel Wang

Daniel followed his curiosity over the course of his life which was filled with challenges and suffering, eventually finding his way towards truth and authenticity. Now he realizes curiosity has been one of the greatest gifts he allowed himself to explore as he continues to free myself from all that he wants to be free of.

On May 13 Daniel shares his experience to open your mind, be curious and to try something different. “If a belief or POV is causing you to suffer, be curious as to whether it’s necessary to keep holding onto that perspective. Curiosity leads to exploration, creativity, and imagination… all the ingredients needed to create the life you truly desire.”


While living in LA, a personal trauma interrupted the height of Chaplyn’s performance career. She lost her husband and her home, then fled to Vancouver where she experienced major depression and PTSD. After 9 months of suicidal ideation, she discovered a piece of brain science that sparked curiosity. A mental reprogramming experiment restored her artistic career and well-being.

On May 13 come experience Chaplyn’s story as she shares that you don’t have to stay broken, as the possibility of healing lives in curiosity and willingness. “There is no prescribed fix to fit each person’s unique journey! We can be self-scientists uncovering the mysteries within our own minds and hearts.”

Peg Ainsley

Peg got into and out of an abusive relationship, then while healing she became curious about her situation, the circumstances and asked herself “What if…”

What if there was education about this in all the schools?
What if we created a media campaign to bring awareness to this issue?
What if I wanted to do something about this?

On May 13 come experience her story, as Peg shares her encounter with domestic violence and how secrets can be poisonous.

Our Speakers from April 2019 – Theme: Mental Health in the Workplace and the Impact on Self

Stephanie Kennedy

“Deacon’s Story”

After a second trimester miscarriage, it became clear that social and societal expectations of mental health and healing were going to be drastically different than what Stephanie innately knew she needed. “Getting back to it” was not an option and she was being forced to look at and feel through the pain of her loss and stabilize her mental health.

On April 22 come experience her story, as Stephanie shares her insight that it is in feeling and healing pain, that we are lead to freedom and our souls gifts.
As social and societal expectations of mental health are drastically different from what we need.

Mark DeSanti

Despite working for a large entity that prides itself in employee engagement and customer service, it was just one act by a superior in the organization that took all the wind from Mark’s sails. Going from “super employee” to “employee with resignation letter waiting in his back pocket”, Mark wasn’t able to bounce back.

On April 22 Mark shares his journey with us. How his reflection on a downward spiral into depression opened his eyes to the affects the workplace can have on employees. Through this journey the importance of both leadership and employees to take responsibility in the wellness of self and the workplace became evident to him. He will share 3 easy steps that could have changed everything.

Francesca Murray

Francesca was dealing with depression, anxiety, bipolar and an entire pain body of mental health. She was able to heal herself from all this debilitation in its entirety, and accomplished this because she did the journey backwards – “from within, from my head to my heart.” It is this journey that thought her about self mastery.

On April 22 Francesca shares her insight that everything is energy, frequency and vibration. Everything is a mirror, there to teach us something about ourselves so that we can extract the lessons and learn how to evolve from it.

Farah Saad

After a burnout, Farah chose to take time off to travel the world and find herself. Not sure what she was going to do next, she discovered mindfulness and continued to do things that make her uncomfortable and facing new fears. “This has brought opportunities to me I would have never even imagined including starting my own business.”

On April 22 Farah shares her insight that it is never too late to follow your dreams and that you will figure it out at the end of the day. “The key is to keep taking steps forward and embracing the unknown, because some of the best experiences in life are still coming. So celebrate how far you have come and keep going!”

Saoirse Wang

Late June of 2015 Saoirse received an email from her mother to pick up her car at Barnett park. “This moment forever changed my life, and deepened my compassion for the journey my mother had with mental illness.”

On April 22 come experience her story, as Saoirse shares that it is important for us to understand, that we require compassion and love for both the person with mental illness and the loved ones living with them.

Christine Hylands

After leaving her job with “good pay and benefits” to be a stay at home mom, Christine started tutoring to help support her family. She would soon discover that her new role earns more and has more benefits than every job that she has held before.

On April 22 come experience her story, as Christine will share some of her experiences about the power of human interaction and the fact that fulfillment is often more valuable than the paycheque.

Our Speakers from March 2019 – Theme: Success

Jivi Saran

“Success- what does it mean to you?”

Jivi went from allowing others to define how she measured success, to recognizing what success means to herself and how it’s related to what she brings to the world.

On March 11 Jivi shares her insight that we often measure success based on others definition of what success looks like, and until we realize that each of us has their own definition and that it’s much more intrinsic than we think.

“Success is personal and not measured by what others see. Your success is unique to you!”

Alice Zhou

Alice grew up in an emotionally dysfunctional family and experienced the trial and tribulations that result from having lack of boundaries and constantly bending over backwards.

Developing a people pleasing personality, She encountered emotional vampires, narcissists, perpetual liars and had a close call with addiction. All of this lead her to burning out, however, it simultaneously uncovered life wisdom.

On March 11 come experience her story, as Alice shares that “Success doesn’t come just cuz you work hard! Life does not exist in the future. Youth, passion, health are not the currency you should spend so easily when you’re young, because some things you cannot purchase back with money.”

Jamie Lange

Jamie had a childhood dream. With encouragement and the refusal to give up on that dream he made it come true, however, after a tragic event he saw this achievement slowly begin to drift away… so he found the courage to keep that dream alive.

On March 11 Jamie shares with us his experiences, that Life is precious and limited. “If you have a dream and do whatever it takes to make it real, you can achieve it!”

Carmen Smith

In 2009 after testing positive to the BRCA1 gene mutation, Carmen found out that she was at a much higher than normal risk of developing both breast and ovarian cancers. Faced with making some very difficult decisions, she took a gift she was given and began a journey towards self discovery.

Join us tonight as Carmen shares her journey with us! From processing the diagnosis to staring at Fear and pushing past it. “This experience has guided me to embrace the resiliency and possibility that came through facing adversity. My journey has helped me to find the power that I hold within myself!”

Jill Prescott

For 20 years Jill regarded success as having a substantial income, being highly regarded in your industry, owning a nice car and living in a cool apartment. Then one day, she lost it all and was brought to her knees, shattered again and again.

On March 11 Jill shares her experience that satisfaction and peace doesn’t come from the attainment of ‘stuff’. “Yes, in our current world money is required to remain healthy in our bodies and take care of ourselves. It isn’t however, where love or peace live. If you don’t take care of the heart, no amount of stuff will every be enough.”

Azucar Lary

“Success without fulfillment ironically is the ultimate failure.”

On March 11 Azucar shares his experience of massive success leading to the deepening of pain, suffering and depression. Being fortunate to realize his misplaced efforts by witnessing the handling of success and failure by a group of twelve year old girls, this lead Azucar to understanding that successful efforts in alignment with fulfillment brings joy, celebration, playfulness, fun and connection for a lifetime.

Azucar dedicates his presentation to the wisdom of children.

Our Speakers from February 2019 – Theme: Love

Mat Boyer

For Mat, as a young child Love wasn’t expressed but it was always present. “As I grew up I started to feel Love more even though when I did, I was told I did not know what Love was.” Well it turns out that they were partially right, but he would change it to “I did not know what Love could be.”

On February 11, Mat shares with us how he learned that the description of Love can change. “Even though you may not have received Love at the frequency or the way you wanted, that you can learn from this and ensure that you give Love in the way you what.”

Keri-Anne Livingstone

Keri-Anne believes that Life brings opportunities for growth and learning in one of two ways: where we are asked to BE a mess or to MAKE a mess.

On February 11 come experience her story, as Keri-Anne returns to the VoiceStory stage to share about the day she did and was BOTH, and how “it led me to the greatest love I’ll ever know!”

“Bless the mess and trust the process! When we take the time to tune in, speak up and allow our truth to be expressed, it will always guide us to greater things.”

Ryan Thomas

Serving in the army, Ryan wanted to be a special forces operator. He was leading with his anger and wanted to hurt people. In relationships, he also lead with his anger, and this resulted in unhealthy relationship patterns.

“Once I realized the source of my anger, I was able to choose love over hate.”

Join us on February 11, as Ryan shares his experience that we can either hate the world, or love it. Hate people or love them. And you will find evidence for both options being correct. “Love is a choice! And to make that choice, requires us to challenge our belief systems about ourselves, and the world around us.”

Winston Yeung

Winston had a love/hate relationship with many facets of his life growing up in a world he didn’t feel he fit into.

“Go to school, come home and work in the store, repeat… that was my life.”

Seemingly always on the outside looking in, he envied what he saw the other neighborhood kids had: the cool stuff, the freedom, the fun.

In his teenage years this desire caused friction with his parents, as he rebelled against the monotonous life he wanted out of. A few years later this escalated to a staredown against his father, which is a moment he would never forget.

On February 11, Winston shares for the first time what happened in that moment, the story of “wanting what I couldn’t have” and then realizing much later in life to be careful what you wish for, as once some things are gone, they are gone forever.

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