VoiceStory Socials – It’s all about Conversation and CONNECTION!

What is this event about?

If you had 8 minutes to have a conversation with a stranger, to connect at a deeper level and to get to know them better, what would that conversation be like?

No charge, no agenda, just some fantabulous people coming together to have great conversation.

When is this event held?

This social happens twice a month on the following schedule:

Second Wednesday of every month @ 7:00pm PST
Last Sunday of every month @ 10:00am PST

After you register you will automatically be informed of the date of the next event and how to participate.

How long is the event?

We plan to keep these events 60 minutes in length.

Where is this event held?

This event will be held online using Zoom.

Please ensure that you join the online meeting room no later than 10 minutes after the scheduled start time, as after that the event will be locked to prevent any new participants from entering.

What happens at the event?

We will start the event by introducing a few key concepts and providing you to some tools. Next we invite you to participate in our safe, friendly, empowered space, where we will facilitate 8 minute rounds of 1-on-1 conversation by suggesting a topic/question for each 8 minute round of conversation, however, you and “the stranger” can choose to have a conversation about something else the two of you agree on.

Will I get to meet new people?

We take care of pairing everyone up with someone new every round, so you have ample oppourtunity to meet new people and practice the art of conversation.

We're excited that you're excited!

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