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Let me ask you this… what is a moment of transformation worth?

People that have already booked calls with me have experienced breakthroughs, epiphanies, connection, clarity, awareness, shifts, discoveries, realizations, emotional releases, awakening, enlightenment and inspiration.

How will you choose to describe your moment?

When you see past that blind spot.
When you rediscover the reason behind your passion.
When you don’t give up on your dream.
When you let go of that story and that dysfunctional belief.
When you shatter that illusion that has been holding you back.
When you gain clarity and “see” why you do what you do.
When you finally “feel free”.

What would that moment be worth to you?

I am gifting $25,000 of my time in order to connect with and impact 100 people.

I am doing this by offering a limited number of sessions to connect and have a conversation at a reduced rate of $100.

If you want to experience your moment then book your call with me now!

– Winston | Story Architect


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