The VoiceStory family will continue to grow in 2019!

On a Monday night once a month, members of our community take to the stage and share a moment of their lives with us. Stories of facing their fears, overcoming adversity, accomplishing achievements and experiencing great adventures.

People empowering people through storytelling with the intention of creating connection & community. So we invite you to put away your cell phone, disconnect from the hustle and take a moment to be with yourself & others.

Come join us for an evening and experience connection on a new level!

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Our Speakers from December 2018

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April Bellia

As a mother of 3 kids, April never wanted to be an entrepreneur, however, circumstances in her life decided otherwise. Without any business training or having to take a MBA, within 4 years she created a business out of her passion and is living her purpose. She created Granola Girl as her vehicle to connect with like minded people.

On December 17th come experience her story as April shares that “You don’t need a MBA to be a successful entrepreneur! You can do it on your own terms and in your own unique way by raising your vibration!”

Trevor Neuman

Trevor suffered a severe permanent work injury and while rehabbing physically, the permanence of the injury threw him into depression and
the bureaucracy of various agencies he was dealing with kept him there.

While going back to school for retraining, Trevor found a hobby which helped him physically, mentally and became a central part of his Senior Project and his partnership with the Canadian Mental Health Association.

On December 17th come experience his journey, as Trevor shares that “There was a low point that I never imagined I could have ever sunk to. As difficult as it was and continues to be, there is something positive and hopeful that has come from my experience.”

Vanessa Luu

As a child, Vanessa was structured by the need to be perfect which ultimately meant not being herself for the people around her, and always tailoring herself to match what they would like. She feared being too much, she feared being not enough, and her journey is right now is about finding equilibrium through “becoming me”.

On December 17th Vanessa shares her realization that being yourself means trusting your gut and honoring you always. That without honoring yourself, seeking approval for security becomes a very dark and toxic path.

Mahan Khalsa

When Mahan was only 23 years of age, she spent 38 days in a South Korean jail. The irony is that she left Canada depressed & suicidal and telling her boyfriend “I JUST WANT TO BE FREE” and it was in that jail that she found her freedom!

On December 17th Mahan shares her realization that freedom is a state of mind. We can cultivate it ourselves, change our perspectives and create the world we want to be experiencing. “I realized freedom was a state of mind and that nothing could take my FREEDOM from me. We have the POWER to create our REALITY, or at least the story we tell ourself about it.”

Stella Panagiotidis

Stella is a first generation Greek Canadian who grew up in the hub of Montreal’s Greek urban ghetto. Caught between old-world values and modern-day culture, she struggled to find her place of belonging. Battling a crippling anxiety disorder, she sought refuge amidst a new life on the West Coast, where she came full circle in a profound discovery of self.

On December 17th come experience her story, as Stella shares how she fled from her Greek community in order to escape cultural restrictions. Her dream of being an ordinary Canadian kid brought her to Vancouver Island. Amidst this new tranquility, she came face-to-face with the breakthrough realization that “One cannot escape the shadows of oneself and that adversity can in fact, be a gift that shapes one’s purpose in the world.”

Our Speakers from November 2018

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Azucar Lary

Being born an emotional orphan in a war zone, Azucar experienced only struggle for survival. He learned to get up when knocked down and to never quit on himself or his dreams. Life and struggle lead him from a world that was indifferent to one that is deeply connected.

On November 19th come experience his story as Azucar shares that we get to choose the life of our choosing, no matter the circumstances of our birth. “There are gifts that we give and receive from each other that can be life changing! We can go from a barren existence to one that is deeply fulfilling.”

Daniel Wang

Daniel had a realization of his purpose to heal himself and his consciousness by doing the things that he has been most fearful of in life. He has been deathly afraid of public speaking, however, the first time he took the stage and spoke was a very healing and transformative moment, so he returns to share once again.

On November 19th come experience Daniel’s story, as his intention for sharing is to be healing and expanding for those who experience it. “As I take the healing action of stepping into one of my greatest fears once again, for I believe each person who chooses to heal and empower is helping the collective heal and transform. Why are you afraid of the things that terrify you?”

Dr. Kayvon K

“If you’re not busy being born, you’re busy dying.”

Birth, Growth, Rebirth, Repeat. To Kayvon this seems to be the ultimate sequence of living a fulfilled and engaged life.

On November 19th Kayvon shares his insight that life was not meant to be a struggle, only we make it so. It can be messy and complex, but not complicated. “We CAN make it simpler by walking in this four-step journey: Rise, Clarify, Transform, Transfer AKA The Ripple Effect.”

Paul MacDonald

Growing up Paul didn’t feel like he fit in! He had no self confidence and started using drugs and alcohol at the age of 12. He didn’t do well in school and had a few devastating events from educators that made him believe he was stupid and unworthy. Then a miracle happened! His daughter was born!

On November 19th Paul shares his insight that you don’t let others tell you what masks to wear. “You choose what masks to wear and who you want to be! Then you work on being a better person today than you were yesterday!”

Carmen Smith

In 2009 after finding out that she was a carrier of the BRCA1 gene mutation and putting her at a higher than normal risk of developing both Breast and Ovarian Cancer, Carmen was faced with some difficult decisions. It is how she took what she considers to be the greatest gift and began a path of self discovery.

On November 19th Carmen shares her realization that we all face obstacles and adversity in life, and how we work through them is where some of the greatest gifts are. “My journey through this has clearly affirmed in me that obstacles are not what define us, it is how we work through them that does.”

Our Speakers from October 2018

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Mat Boyer

Infertility has been around for a long time. We are pretty sure that it is what Einstein was referring to when he said “trying the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, that is Insanity.” – Exactly! Mat shared a part of their journey with infertility back in June, he has returned to share more about the Emotional Rollercoaster that is Science.

On October 15th Mat will share how this experience has changed the way he now sees things. He will give some tips on how to deal with difficult times, how not only to maintain your relationship with your partner but to strengthen it and sprinkle in a little humour to an otherwise devastating dream destroying adventure.

Sita Gaia

When Sita was recruited for tedxstanleypark, one of the coaches said “You are living as an authentic person with epilepsy!” The ‘authentic’ part hit her hard in the gut, as that comment moved her “to be my authentic self” and in her case, to identify as queer.

On October 15th come experience her story as Sita shares how it takes strength to be who you really are, but with support and vulnerability you can live the life you were meant to live.

Trevor Assman

For Trevor, the fear of coming out was so daunting for him. In order to come out without the influence of being shamed by his church, family, and friends, he moved from the Bible Belt to Calgary to begin his journey of coming out. This challenged him in every aspect including his spirituality. Going through this journey opened his eyes.

On October 15th Trevor shares his journey and how he learned that God/Universe loves you for who you are. “I learned that I was gay but am also much more, as being gay is just a small fraction of who I am.”

Jessica Coulthard

Jessica was a shy introvert resigned to a life of struggle after a divorce and no financial assistance, until one day she woke up and realized that she needed to take 100% responsibility for her life. Now she believe that “Nothing is out of reach if I want it bad enough! I want to lead by example!”

On October 15th Jessica shares her realization that when we snap out of our limiting beliefs about what our life can look like, and start moving in the direction of what we want, the whole world opens up and we can create whatever life we want.

Shenan Charania

After continually misinterpreting life from an early age, Shenan found himself in the unnecessary complexity of a gang related world he had innocently created for himself. His life became one of hopelessness, struggle and confusion. It wasn’t until his perspective shifted that he started to see more possibility.

On October 15th come experience his story as Shenan shares his insight “As I started to look more into understanding how my perspective was created, I also started to see that it fluctuates moment to moment based on what kind of thoughts I am believing in that moment, and how that was the root cause of how my reality was being created.”

Lise Lavigne

Most of her life, Lise let people take advantage of her, use her and manipulate her. She lost her mother at 7 years old and was raised by her abusive father. She never felt good enough for anything and didn’t feel loved. How she felt about herself affected the decisions she made in her personal relationships.

On October 15th Lise shares how she broke the cycle of negative relationships, by discovering who she really was and that she had the power to create wonderful relationships in her life.

Our Speakers from September 2018

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Andrea Hill

“I Call Bullshit!”

With over 15 years experience in researching and supporting people in the dating industry, Andrea thought she had it all figured out until during an interview someone called bullshit on why she was single. Taking being called to task seriously, she began calling bullshit on herself and in turn discovered what we all desire, love.

On September 17th Andrea shares her experience and “That to be successful in our quest for love, it’s as simple as getting out of our own way.”

Keri-Anne Livingstone

“Husband buys his wife her dream PJs for Christmas and can’t wait for her to try them on. Wife knows he bought the wrong size. Equals a hot mess opportunity for Radical Acceptance and fun for the whole family.”

On September 17th Keri-Anne shares a tale woven with love and humor, as she explains that life has a way of offering opportunities to witness and honour our growth and progress, and through our willingness to open up to them we can become a beacon of change, release and expansion for others.

Craig Addy

In January of 2016, Craig’s brother died unexpectedly of a heart attack. Craig himself was significantly overweight and plagued by fitful and insufficient sleep along with low energy and stamina. A diagnosis of heart disease in May 2016 was a wake-up call that led to a remarkable and inspiring journey of newfound and transformed health and fitness.

On September 17th Craig shares his realization that for many of us, incredible health is available and entirely in our own hands. “I’ve come to realize that I’ve been searching for a final destination so I can say ‘This is it. I’ve arrived. This is what I need to do to fix the problem.’ and I’m now realizing it is an exciting and tantalizing journey without end.”

Sue Dumais

Sue had a recurring dream as a child that symbolized her running in fear from her gift. She spent a lot of years trying to numb it out and deny it, which lead to a lot of self destructive behaviour. Until one day she realized what she thought was a curse was actually a beautiful gift for humanity.

On September 17th Sue shares her realization that often what our minds judge as wrong is actually right. This keeps us stuck in non-action and holds us back from sharing our gifts. “We spend so much time in fear of judgment or judging ourselves that most people never express their authentic Self. It is time for everyone to stand UP stand OUT stand STRONG and own our gifts.”

Marylee Stephenson

Marylee recently took an intensive course in Teaching English as a Second Language. “Sure, I have a Ph.d., sure I’ve written books, published articles, told stories in many places – but this was a whole new world!”

Feeling stupid, then uplifted by other students, learning about lives of struggle, sharing food, laughs… in essence a new world, a welcome one!

On September 17th Marylee shares her insight that you can have a whole new world open up if you are open to that – no matter what your age, your interests or your career. “You can learn things you never even knew existed out there, meet people you might never have met, stretched yourself and been stretched in every dimension of your life – mental, physical, spiritual!”

Christine Jamieson

At 16 years of age Christine dropped out of highschool. Living in and out of different hospital programs she felt trapped and by her Epilepsy and Anxiety. Living with Epilepsy she had no hope that her life could be successful and only through almost losing her life did she learn how untrue this was.

On September 17th Christine wants to share her insight: ’Do not be ashamed of your story as it will inspire others!’ That while in her darkest moments she felt isolated and alone, it was only once she started speaking out about her Epilepsy that learned she wasn’t alone.

Our Speakers from August 2018

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Caitey Gilchrist

Caitey was working her dream job as a designer for a large corporation. Absorbed in her work and nothing else, she ignored the warning signs that her health was being put on the line. After having her dream ripped away because of health issues, Caitey embarked on a two-year-long journey where she learned the importance of self-care.

On August 20th come experience her story, as Caitey shares how she learn to listen to her body and mind, for self-care is one of the most important skills we can have.

Katie McKay Kasdorf

Katie started on top of the world with a full life ahead – a scholarship, athleticism, and the determination to lead – when it all came crumbling down after an injury that took it all away. From this event is how Katie came back stronger, recognizing the lows and appreciating the highs.

On August 20th come experience her story as Katie shares that it’s important to recognize how to get the most out of failure. “Never give up! Rest if you must, take a break if you must, but never give up. The prizes after the fight are worth it!”

Paul Henczel

8 years ago, Paul was managing a saw mill, when an incident happened that brought him to his lowest point… physically and mentally. He has overcome numerous injuries and obstacles by finding the silver linings in everything he has gone through. Hear aspects of Paul’s story that he’s never spoken of until now… the miracles that happened in his journey.

On August 20th Paul shares how he created a new story when he realized this wasn’t the end… but the beginning. He wants to empower and inspire others to find their voice, by seeing the opportunities that lie in their own story. “You can move your audience with your message through the most powerful and magical way to connect with others… your story!”

Jennifer Henczel

“Have you ever felt STUCK?”

A tragedy revealed to Jennifer that she had unknowingly isolated herself behind the computer screens and was stuck in life and business.

Yearning for deeper connection in her community, she started a network as a circle of support for business owners and now shows others how to use strategies of collaboration, rather than competition.

On August 20th Jennifer shares her experience that we all need meaningful connection with other humans to thrive. “I now help others in building fulfilling lives and businesses, through building meaningful relationships and communities.”

Alexis Ellis

On August 20th Alexis shares her journey, from the surgeries and challenges to creating community.

Her goal in life is to inspire and be helpful, and by sharing her experience she can help others during her own healing process.

Bonnie Nicole

“Ditch the shame and be a badass!”

Bonnie experienced sexual abuse, a vengeful mother, drugs, alcohol and domestic violence until one day it clicked that “I am here for a reason, so it is my duty to follow my dreams.” With mindset and manifestation she has completely changed her outlook on life and how to live it.

Join us on August 20th as Bonnie shares her insight that we need to speak out on topics no one wants to talk about, with no more shame and no more stigma!

Our Speakers from July 2018

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Trevor Assman

For Trevor, the fear of coming out was so daunting for him. In order to come out without the influence of being shamed by his church, family, and friends, he moved from the Bible Belt to Calgary to begin his journey of coming out. This challenged him in every aspect including his spirituality. Going through this journey opened his eyes.

On July 16th Trevor shares his journey and how he learned that God/Universe loves you for who you are. “I learned that I was gay but am also much more, as being gay is just a small fraction of who I am.”

Robyn McTague

For Robyn, growing up was a series of traumas. She had been receiving messages for about 6 months that life would change in a big way, then at age 44 she was diagnosed with breast cancer. This became the catalyst to reflect on the many traumas in her life, connect to Spirit and change her trajectory to a life of healing and service

On July 16th come experience her story, as Robyn shares her insight that we do not have to wait for a major event in our lives to connect to spirit and learn to live a spirit driven life. We can heal and move forward to a life of choice and freedom, when we learn to love ourselves and embrace our unique selves.

Mark Desanti

Being on a path not truly his own caused Mark to live in sadness and denial. Turning to drugs and partying, his journey allowed him to experience, discover and explore the things that defined the person who would one day prevail. Yet never enough, even among all the success, the birth of his son would eventually unveil the missing piece.

On July 16th Mark shares his journey and how at every step, stage or change in life; there were clear messages, obvious signs and direct instructions from the universe as to what he should be doing. He is a believer that “You already know what to do! But focusing on the external is a distraction and it is only when we look inward are we able to remember.”

Luckie Sigouin

Luckie was at his lowest point with no money, no connections and nothing going for him. New in Vancouver all he had was a desire to makes things happen in the best capacity that he could. He wanted to build his empire here and it’s been a journey of ups and downs that he can’t wait to share.

On July 16th come experience Luckie’s story that everything is possible if you believe. That hard work will bring you where you want to be, and you need to be patient and take it one step at a time even if some steps take longer then others.

Craig Addy

Craig grew up on a rich environment that let creativity and exploration thrive. Then, in his early teens, the reality and pain of being bullied entered the scene. Music and art stepped in as Craig’s salvation and passion at this critical time. Today, Craig provides the healing and nurturing power of music to people in some truly unique ways.

On July 16th come experience his story as Craig shares his insight that the difficult and most undesired times and experiences in our life, could actually be the fundamental sources of our gifts and contributions.

Carol Metz Murray

On July 16th Carol shares her journey of life from a little girl to today, taking trauma, crisis, and tragedy and turning it into a life beyond exceptional.

Come join us and experience her story where hope is eternal, courage ignites passion and self acceptance ignites self love.

Our Speakers from June 2018

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Mat Boyer

What if having a child was your dream?

Two people fall in love, get to know each other and share the same dream of bringing a child into this world together. The start could not be any more perfect, so in Paris, France we decided we were going to make it happen. However, what happens next in the story would have sent even Napoleon back wishing he was with his mommy.

On June 18th Mat shares his journey with us and explains that making babies isn’t necessarily as easy as the birds & bees make it out to be. Frequency and matching parts is not always the answer, as sometimes it takes science and a ship load of perseverance! This will test ones fortitude, desire, communication and relationships with self, your partner, friends, family and the universe. Are you up for the test?

Tien Neo Eamas

“My Entertaining day at the US Border…”

Tien was pulled aside and charged with a criminal offence for carrying his testosterone hormones across the border, without a prescription. Dealing with the sheriff, being charged and read his rights, managing the really serious guards, authorities and security, being a clear space for magick, bringing light, nothing wrong here, power, love, tons of laughter and leaving everyone touched by magick!

On June 18th come experience some magick, as Tien shares his insight that we should approach everything with curiousity, to be present and not project our fears and pasts. To honour all and give everyone the benefit of the doubt. To have a high level of integrity, that all is well. To choose light and joy over anything else, and accept that everything that happens is part of our whacky entertaining life!

Chris Dube & Jill Presscott

“One day, Chris met Jill for breakfast…”

Have you ever wanted to be able to ask your partner questions about what they were thinking at the beginning of your relationship and have them answer honestly? Well you are about to witness this experiment of vulnerable communication LIVE! Strap in people, this is going to get good!

On June 18th come experience a first on the My Story Mondays stage, as Chris and Jill share in a live Q&A session to show that when you live without holding back and understand the power of vulnerable and open dialogue in a relationship, anything is possible!

Anita Anand

Vancouver became home to Anita in 1993 and she was looking forward to creating a secure, fulfilling future with her family. Instead, she rapidly hit rock bottom! And so she decided that rock bottom would be the solid foundation that she would build her future on. This is her journey from pain to purpose, scarcity to abundance, despair to wholeheartedness.

On June 18th come experience her journey, as Anita shares her insight that being vulnerable, speaking our truth, and asking for what we need may be hard and uncomfortable, but not nearly as hard and uncomfortable as living with self-betrayal and self-loathing. Daring to live brave in our life arenas is the courageous choice we are called upon to make every single day, if we are going to live authentically, with love, compassion and connection.

Christine Hylands

Christine’s brother, Winston, has never parented a child. Raising his puppy, Kismet, is the closest experience he has. Recently, Kismet started to behave in ways that has frustrated and angered Winston. While venting his frustration, Christine realized how similar these events are to what her parents faced when Winston was young. She reminded him to “train with love, not fear”.

On June 18th Christine shares her insight that positive reinforcement will always accomplish more than punishment. Although this seems obvious, this concept is often forgotten, as it applies to all aspects of life. “Poor behaviours stand out, while good behaviours often go unseen. Acknowledging the good is just as important as addressing the ‘not so good’. Praise over punishment. Love over fear.”

Our Speakers from May 2018

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Lucas Mattiello

After running away from facing the anxiety and panic attacks for 15 years, it was one night at martial arts when Lucas had a panic attack in class and ran out the room where he collapsed on the floor. It was in this moment when he realized that he couldn’t run anymore and chose to face his fears.

On May 21st Lucas shares his story and his realization that we often try to run away from our issues, but wherever we go, there we are. Trying to run only makes the struggle show up in other areas of life and this continues until it is faced.

Shelli-Lee Woycik

Sherri-Lee experienced a devastating end to an abusive marriage, but instead of giving into her fears and becoming stuck, she chose to overcome them in order to create a life of abundance and opportunity for herself and her kids.

On May 21st come experience her story as she shares with us her journey of coming from “Broken to Badass”. “Don’t let anyone else define you! Always put yourself first, listen to your gut and go it alone before selling your soul, as one can always find inspiration in destruction.”

Denise Wozniak

“Please take a seat…”

Denise’s mother started to sink into Alzheimer’s. However, she found that during that time they were able to connect in a way she never thought possible: finding solutions to fears, having unexpected laughter and even accomplishing a bucket list item.

On May 21st Denise shares her experience that “When people get Alzheimer’s we often fear visiting and being around them. This becomes about us and not about them.” Only when we let go of our fear, and stop trying to battle who they have become and be open-minded, can we learn more than we ever thought possible and learn a new way of showing compassion and understanding.

Our Speakers from April 2018

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Dan Behm

Years ago, Danny discovered mindfulness. Later that day, Danny discovered that he couldn’t be mindful for longer than 17 seconds. Next, he discovered that thoughts create reality. Shortly after, he discovered that he had no separation from his thoughts and so he couldn’t change them or his reality. Danny then discovered he was 90% robot running programs. Routinely, he felt powerless.

On April 16th come experience his story of how one year ago, he discovered how to get mindfulness on demand. Danny shares how these days he can get meta-cognition whenever he wants it, and how he has separated from his thinking such that he can choose different thoughts and manifest new realities. Danny has become much less human robot, much more human creator and is taking his power back.

Reza Rahmani

Reza grew up with an angry father and his home environment felt unsafe as a child. He decided that anger was an unwanted and destructive emotion, so he developed passive aggressive and destructible ways to dealing with his own anger. Finally hitting a wall when he was constantly exhausted and depressed, he learned to express his anger in healthier ways.

On April 16th Reza shares his journey and how he came to understand that unexpressed anger can be toxic to the mind, body and soul. And how underneath this anger is normally deep pain and it is important to heal our pain, because untreated it gets passed down for generations.

Keara Barnes

“Hawaii magic”

A family trip to Hawaii for Keara results in sickness and stormy weather. It also results in a new friendship and a magical discovery. This is a story about fairies and faith.

On April 16th Keara shares her first travel lesson, Faith in others. Whether it’s the internal wonder of experiencing someone else’s beliefs or culture, or something greater, like seeing people band together over setbacks and calamity, the real tragedy is when we choose not to engage, and remain closed to possibilities that could maybe, just maybe just lead to new epiphanies.

Janet Walmsley

When Janet’s daughter Jenny was 3 years old, she was told Jenny was low functioning Autistic. She was told that Jenny would never talk, never do well in school, never be where her peers are and basically her future was bleak. She walked out of the room saying, “That’s not going to happen!”

On April 16th come experience Janet’s story as she shares her insight that no matter what obstacle is set in front of us, we can truck through the trenches, climb the slippery mountain slope, reach to the top and take it further by jumping on the clouds and flying above them. We can live our dreams and obtain our goals, no matter what barriers are set in front of us!

Eileen Davidson

Eileen’s world was turned upside down when diagnosed with multiple chronic and invisible illnesses that landed her on disability at 29, a single mother with a toddler. After hitting her rock bottom she found a way to pick herself up and look at the positive in the whirlwind of chronic illness in a way she never expected.

On April 16th Eileen shares her journey and how she came to realize that life doesn’t always work out the way you want it to, sometimes you just need to focus on the positive over the negative to keep on keeping on.

Our Speakers from March 2018

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Trevor Assman

Trevor’s father abused him on a frequent basis sexually, physically, mentally, and emotionally and then hid this abuse from his mother and sister.

“I was ordered not to tell anyone or he would kill me.”

The things Trevor experienced as a little boy was horrifying, yet the universe nudged him to forgive his father when he died.

On March 19th Trevor shares with us his experience, as he didn’t understand why the universe was nudging him to forgive his father, especially when he didn’t ask for his forgiveness. But feeling extremely compelled, he forgave his father before he died. Only later did he realize it was his fathers prayer for Trevor to forgive him and have peace before he died. The universe granted that prayer.

Teri Holland

Teri watched her Dad work a job he hated for 30 years, always waiting for “one day, someday” to come along so he could do what he loved. She swore “that would never be me” until one day, she found herself feeling stuck in a job she hated and walked out only to find that her problems followed her.

On March 19th Teri shares her insight that our life is happening NOW and not “one day, someday.” So take the risk, start that business and live your life like it’s your job!

Karen Magill

One day Karen woke partially paralyzed on one side of her body, lost the best job she ever had and thought her life was over at the age of 35. 

18 years later, she is a published author with a new career as a speaker and a debt reduction coach.

On March 19th Karen shares her journey and how she came to realize, that there is always another path when the one we are focused on is taken away.

Jill Prescott

In 2012, Jill’s life was about to come apart at the seams. A perfect storm was brewing. After ignoring all the signs that making an about-face was absolutely necessary, she was on the brink of having her ass handed back to her on a platter, leaving no other option than to take action which would change her life forever.

On March 19th Jill shares her experience with us, that we are constantly being guided to live our true purpose. What she has discovered through her own life, and through being a guide for others, is that choosing to ignore this guidance will eventually bring you to your knees, forcing you to decide if you will live the life you are meant to or to live one in suffering.

Jamie Lange

For Jamie with physical challenges, living an independent life and tasks as simple as walking seemed impossible. He was constantly told “Don’t get your hopes up”, but he believed he could be anything he wanted to be, and just had to find a way to do it. And so he did!

On March 19th come experience his journey as Jamie shares his realization that anything is possible, as there are opportunities beyond the challenges in life. “You just need a big dream, a positive attitude and do whatever it takes.”

Our Speakers from February 2018

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Wendy Foster

“My past does not define me. I create my life through my thoughts, feelings, and actions.”

Wendy’s journey in life has had many challenges. She has dealt with abuse, abandonment, trauma, divorce, and several attempts at ending her own life. After she hit rock bottom (for the third time) she dove into a painful, yet compassionate and deep inquiry of herself and the irrational thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that made up the “story” of her life.

On February 19th she shares with us how she has chosen a new story to live into and empower others to do the same.

Paul Henczel

On February 9th, 2010, Paul Henczel was crushed alive by 12,000lbs of wood. He miraculously survived certain death and sustained multiple physical and emotional injuries. Now he wants to share with others the strategies he gained from fighting through the challenges of his situation, and reaching for better outcomes than expected.

On February 19th Paul will share his experience about how facing adversity and difficulties are an opportunity for us to get stronger, to develop character, and to gain new confidence. “We can come out bitter or we can come out better.”

Lise Lavigne

“50 Shades of Wrong

While growing up Lise lived through constant sexual, physical and emotional abuse. She developed issues with self-worth and self-esteem as a result. All her life she experienced a deep need to be loved and looked for love and acceptance in all the wrong places.

On February 19th, get ready because Lise holds nothing back in her jaw dropping story. She shares the most intimate details of her private life and tells us how far she went to have the love she desperately craved. From falling in love to the dark side of sex, Lise then rose up from the pit and transformed her life. She is now a certified life coach, author and teaches women around the world to value and love themselves.

Bob Mueller

Bob Mueller was 12 years old when a film inspired an artistic obsession making him an artistic prodigy. At age 16, he quit his passions and left home. Another 19 more years passed as he wandered through careers, finally settling down as a martial artist who built many Karate dojos.

On February 19th Bob shares his journey and how at age 47 he had an epiphany, a perfect moment. 35 years dissolved in that moment and he was like a teenager again, throwing himself into forgotten passions. The result? He was an artist again, met heroes and won an EMMY AWARD!

Shenan Charania

“Choose yourself!”

Shenan moved with his family to Vancouver, Canada at the age of 11. 

Facing a culture shock and other unseen challenges in this new country, Shenan found himself reacting to his environment with aggression and made poor choices early in life. Before he could fully grasp the results of these choices, he found himself in a destructive lifestyle. 

After continuously misunderstanding life and choosing everything but himself, he finally chose himself. And that’s when life started to completely shift for him. 

On February 19th come experience his story, as he shares his journey in finding the insight that when you choose yourself, you enhance yours and everyone else’s life around you.

Beth Campbell

Growing up Beth learned it wasn’t ok to be herself – “fit in”, “set an example”, “be quiet”, “don’t rock the boat”, these were the voices in her head. She learned to fit in so well she faded into the background and over time became invisible. Being the person everyone wanted her to be was the driver behind her every move.

On February 19th she shares her story of how in early 2014 after the death of her son, a long time job loss and her youngest child graduating she realized it was time to shut up the voices, the “should do’s”, the “should be’s”, it was time to “”Shut up & Dance!”

Our Speakers from January 2018

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Sasha Herman

“I have spent most of my life warring with myself. Within me lives the harshest of critics and a voice so hateful I can break my own heart. Then about 2 years ago, I fell in love and as it fell apart, came the most beautiful reckoning. I was cracked open and tucked away behind the shame I discovered a Queen; my voice and most powerful self.” – Sasha Herman

On January 15th Sasha will share her realization that until we love ourselves, there is no way to truly love others. And until we can love others, there is no way we can change our lives, never mind the world around us.

Jivi Saran

“Each breath we take has the possibility of not occurring again. Each incoming breath has the possibility of no outgoing breath and each outgoing the possibility of no incoming breath. Accepting this invisible expiry date on our physical body is not an easy task and yet without it, we are simply living and not being Alive.”

On January 15th Jivi shares her insight so we can accept our death date, the invisible expiry date that ignites the power to live a life full of purpose, intention and meaning.

Christine Hylands

Fifteen years ago, Christine’s life changed when her son, Sean, was born.

Full of life, compassion, zest and spunk, Sean was no ordinary child. Seeing the world through Sean’s young, innocent, non-judgmental eyes was beautiful.

However, as Sean gets older, his world changes. The question is does he have to change with it? Can he fit in or should he stand out?

On January 15th Christine will share a few stories about her son and about how being different is a strength, as it separates those who are ordinary from those who are extraordinary.

Carol Metz Murray

The road-map of life is often covered by obstacles. Carol discovered it matters not whether your life vehicle is a Ferrari or a Ford, what matters is how you master driving life’s road of Self-Discovery! Life experiences can be the most excruciatingly wonderful, relentlessly gentle life lessons with many possibilities!

On January 15th Carol will share her experience of how you can discover that a wee-bit of insane courage can be the SHIFT needed to open your heart to be all you can be!

Alison Donaghey


Alison was raped in high school and this impacts her perception of #metoo and ponders our need to think about things further, as #metoo creates a polarization which creates an us vs. them situation.

On January 15th Alison shares her story and her perspective that while social movements may seem attractive, we must look deeper and really consider what we are supporting. We need to explore our accountability to move to a place of freedom.

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