Don’t you agree that life is too short to continue being let down trying to find connection through a carefully crafted social media profile?

This city definitely lack safe spaces to meet real, authentic people that don’t play games and are looking to connect at more than just a surface level.




So we are creating events that promotes connection and conversation BEFORE going on a date!




Imagine that… getting to know someone first!

Come and meet new people, practice the art of conversation and connect at a deeper level.



First half the evening will be structured to allow you to have deeper conversation with others, we provide tips and encourage you to ask for what you want.

Then for the second half the music starts and the mingling and dancing begins!

So we invite you to join us at our next event and “Let’s Make it EASY!”

Your “Let’s Make it EASY” Team Members

Winston Yeung

I’ve gone through the “Dating Process” that somehow society deemed normal for far too long.

You know… get all dressed up, go to the club/bar, have a few drinks to loosen up, try to muster the courage to say “Hi” to someone in a really loud environment, if not successful go back and have a few more drinks, now with some liquid courage I try to say “Hi” again… repeat.

At all the spaces I frequented, all I was doing is putting out there a version of me which I thought would be attractive for someone. Hoping that someone would like what they see, but they never get to know me, so I had to live the life of this mask instead.

Not real.
How was I supposed to have a connect with anyone if I couldn’t let anyone in?

I understood that what was lacking in those spaces was an oppourtunity for connection!

I’m not talking about a finding a moment to flirt and try to pick someone up. I mean having the time and space to actually have a conversation and get to know that other person, to develop a connection and see what happens next!

After getting to know me, maybe they know someone that could be my match!

Conversation and connection will open doors of possibility! That’s why I’m helping create these events!

So if you are looking for a fun, safe space to connect with others in an authentic way then come experience our next event!

I look forward to meeting you!

Jessica Coulthard

I am a 49 year old divorced, empty nester who has been in the local dating scene for the last 16 years.

I have tried all the dating apps, free and paid with little to no success finding the right connection. I find that the online dating world seems to allow for too many “steps” to be jumped over and the options are far too great to keep anyone’s attention long enough to actually ”connect” beyond the physical.

Swipe right….say hi….get a response – maybe, mostly not! Or if I do, its short lived, I guess I haven’t quite nailed down the right response to keep the attention long enough for the next right swiper! It’s shiny object syndrome on steroids!!

I didn’t stand a chance next to the lower cut tops, longer hair and higher heels of the next girl! I have always thought I was pretty cute, but with filters and catfish going on, I just didn’t stand a chance to actually connect.

This is why I truly believe that we need to have events like “Let’s Make It Easy!” where the primary goal is to have a conversation and genuinely connect beyond just the surface.

The person sitting across form you may or may not be your perfect match, but you can still genuinely enjoy getting to know someone new, because you never know, they might know someone who is your perfect match!

Come on out and have a fun evening with other people who feel that we need to revamp the lost art of conversation!

Bonnie Nicole

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