Winston Yeung
I'm not the same Stan that I use to be.
..."This is what we really think it's like when were working one on one with Winston......."
I’m a guide. I guide your inner child to heal your wounded adult. In my past I chased after fame, money and status believing that these things would make me “somebody” in this world. I reached for the stars, sat among them and eventually fell from grace. I was a prisoner to the dysfunctional stories I created, lost in the land of illusion of my own design. It took many years but I eventually walked out of my prison and am now living a life with purpose aligned with spirit, body and mind. The lessons and tests I experienced along my journey are where my insight, empathy, compassion and understanding are forged from. I see past the stories that people naturally share and guide them to where the real story is, that part of themselves they want to reveal but are not sure of the way. I founded the VoiceStory Foundation, a non-profit organization that is creating social connection, facilitating personal healing and promoting community building. This is done through the speaking platform – VoiceStory Live, educational workshops, mastermind, mentorship and coaching to develop an individual’s ability to embrace and share their unique stories.

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