Social Distance Music Showdown

• 4 people in a breakout room
• search Youtube for your favourite music from the 80’s and 90’s
• throw down your favourite Youtube videos to outdo the last one

You laugh!
You sing!
You dance!

You end up having a mini retro dance party!

How long is the event?
We plan to keep these events 90 minutes in length by having two 45 minute rounds.

What happens at the event?
We will provide instructions on how the event will unfold and we will be using the breakout room feature on Zoom to randomize the groups, so you will all be meeting and connecting with new members of our community!

When is this event?
The event is held at 8:00pm PST on a Friday night. After you register you will automatically be informed of the date of the next event and how to participate.


1) This is a Zoom Meeting which means you will be on camera the whole time. Please login from a device that has a camera and microphone (no calling in from a phone for audio only).

2) This is not a networking activity! This is a connection experience. No hate speech. No selling/prospecting. No preaching or coaching. Anyone being reported of doing any of this kind of activity will be removed from the event.

3) The online meeting room is open for you to enter at 7:45pm PST and we will explain the event details at 8:05pm PST SHARP. So if you are participating, make sure to login by 8:00pm PST (do not login mid-way through the call as you won’t be allowed to participate).

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